Electronic Productivity Solutions (EPS)

Use EPS To...

  • Build a web standards compliant website or application
    EPS are experts at building standards compliant websites and web applications. The benefits of standards compliance are changing the way businesses use the Internet. Talk to EPS today for a quote.

  • Increase the value of your business
    Building a professional website or business web application will make your business operate more efficiently and increase its' value. EPS will also advise you of government grants and tax benefits available for investments made in technology.

  • Increase sales
    Use the Web to capture a larger market share. Certain customers now want to purchase online and unless you are offering your customers that capability they may switch to your competitors. Discuss with EPS today how to best sell your product or service online.

  • Be more productive
    Use the web to automate business processes. Have your customers use a web application to conduct business with you and remove the need for manual human intervention. Phone EPS today for an obligation free meeting about how the web can be used to increase your productivity.

  • Put your business systems online
    Create a virtual office by web-enabling business systems. This allows staff, customers and suppliers to interact with your business from anywhere in the world. Discuss with EPS which business systems could be improved in an online environment.

  • Arrange better website & email hosting
    Is your organisation taking full advantage of your website hosting? Do you have access to your email from anywhere in the world? Does your current hosting provider help you take advantage of different hosting features? Have an obligation free discussion with an EPS hosting expert today.