Electronic Productivity Solutions (EPS)

Business Services

Our expertise is the Internet. We help organisations with managing all aspects their Internet needs; from marketing and strategy to design and implementation of Intranets, websites and business web applications. Our web hosting division manages corporate domain name, website and email hosting concerns. Our wealth of experience and knowledge provides your business everything it needs to ensure it will successfully operate on-line. Our team provides top tier services and only the very best solutions using the latest technologies.

Our services are divided into the following five areas:

Business Web Applications
Converting complex business processes into web based applications.
Planning, designing and constructing innovative, award winning and standards compliant websites.
Creating on-line transactional systems.
Standards Compliance
Adhering to the latest web standards to provide you with the best web based results.
Search Engine Optimisation
Ensuring your website receives the highest search engine listing possible.

At EPS, we are passionate about all things ‘Web’. More than just web consultants, we also do the thinking for you; meaning that you can outsource entire company functions to our planning and development experts.

Maybe you have not considered utilising the Web, or you would like to increase the effectiveness of your business’s current online presence. Your business will reap the rewards by incorporating the Web into your existing business plan. EPS will show you how to use the web, and tailor our specialist knowledge to suit your unique requirements to get your business up and running on-line.