Electronic Productivity Solutions (EPS)

Business Web Applications

EPS specialises in building customised web based Internet applications which support or replace your traditional business processes.

What are Business Web Applications?

Business Web Applications are traditional business processes converted into an online or web based application to provide better business processes, systems and results.

The benefits of incorporating a Web Application into your business

  • Increase the value of your business.
  • Business Web Applications can be accessed from anywhere in the world; by your staff, customers and suppliers. Effectively we can create a collaborative, global work place for you business. Providing solutions to your business needs in an on-line environment increases the efficiency of current business practices.
  • The Business Web Applications we build can be accessed via wireless devices such as mobile phones, PDAs and other wireless devices.
  • They reduce costs, increase productivity and automate business functions, making your business more efficient.

How we do it

  • EPS custom builds applications tailored specifically to your organisation.
  • EPS encourages our clients to increase productivity and efficiency by running and managing your business online.
  • We can be involved in as much or as little of the planning and implementation as you or your other providers desire.
  • We work with your organisation to plan, design, construct, advise and manage the entire project
  • At the completion of an assignment we provide you with a cross-compatible, business application, optimised for use over the Web.


  • Combine business processes with the power of the Internet; put databases on-line and allow direct customer access to authorised areas. Think outside the square and make the Internet work for you.
  • Cut out data entry and re-keying by having your staff, customers, suppliers and business owners complete their day to day tasks on-line with direct access to internal information systems.
  • Build a remote office. Would being able to access your business data from anywhere in the world be helpful? From employee rosters, to customer databases and other work-flow processes, a custom built Business Web Application can put your business on-line in a secure, reliable and accessible format, increasing the value of your business.
  • On-line office procedure manuals. Forget the paper-trail, have your systems, rules and procedures accessible and updateable on-line.
  • Data that is stored and manipulated online can be automatically formatted to be used in traditional ways such as the automatic production of print manuals or catalogues. No need to spend expensive man-hours with typesetting and layouts
  • Build a paperless office.
  • Lead management systems: enter and manage leads on-line.
  • Combine call centres with your website so that all data is entered in one secure location.
  • On-line surveys; conduct customer and employee surveys on-line in a far more efficient manner. Automated real-time reporting allows management access to instant real-time results.

Please view these sample case-studies generated from some of our existing clients:


Talk to us about how a custom built web application can streamline your business. Whatever it is you do EPS can create a faster, less costly and more efficient way to do it on-line. Contact EPS for an obligation free analysis.