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Direct email marketing is a powerful form of one-to-one marketing that builds and maintains trust and loyalty between your organisation and its customers and trading partners.

With the introduction of new Australian anti-spam laws and international privacy laws the process of conducting email marketing can be complicated for organisations to set-up.

Having worked in the eBusiness and Internet industry since 1997, EPS has been able to test a wide range of systems and software to conduct email marketing or mass email. We have devised a solution that will meet all the needs of any organisation.

Issues EPS will assist you to resolve

  • You need to conduct email marketing in a professional, efficient and cost effective manner
  • You need the email delivered to your customers to conform to the latest Internet standards:
    • A properly designed and formatted email that makes effective use of branding, layout, graphics and colours.
    • Each email individually addressed to the recipient
    • A plain text version of the email to be sent to recipients whose email programs cannot read graphics and colours so that you can be confident that recipients will receive the email in the most appropriate format When customers subscribe or unsubscribe from your eNewsletter they are sent a confirmation message
  • You need your intended recipients to be able to automatically sign-up via your website or by email
  • In Australia you need to conform to Australian privacy and anti-spam laws. That means you must allow users to automatically subscribe and unsubscribe from your mass email database.
  • You may need an unskilled user to be able to compose each of your regular mass emails
  • You may need to have full control in-house over the sending and management of the regular mass emails that your organisation sends.
  • Then again, you may wish to outsource the entire process and have it professionally managed by EPS on your behalf

The Process Involved

To conduct professional email marketing there are several key stages that EPS will guide you through:

  1. Design of the original email template
  2. Set-up and use of specialised software that sends and manages the mass emails
  3. Maintaining and changing the content of your mass emails for future mail-outs
  4. The set-up of your website and database so that your intended recipients can easily sign-up to receive your mass email
  5. Outsourcing the on-going sending and management of your email strategy to EPS or training in how to conduct your email marketing in-house

The benefits

The online solution that EPS provides will allow you to:

  • Send highly formatted professional messages that are personalised for each of your recipients
  • Keep your valuable recipient details private and completely secure
  • Run and maintain eNewsletters with powerful automated subscription, removal and filtering support
  • Automatic subscribe and unsubscribe features
  • Automatic emails sent to users when they request to subscribe or unsubscribe to the eNewsletter
  • Customise the content of your messages for individual recipients
  • Handle bounces automatically and verify recipients with ease
  • Send messages directly to your recipients from your desktop or any Internet connected computer
  • Prepare and schedule messages for delivery any time in the future
  • Prepare and send your messages in practically any language and with any encoding
  • Fully control and target your mailings with powerful filters, in-line message scripting, reply management controls, customisable headers and in-depth logging & reporting
  • Work with existing customer lists, data and information in practically any format (databases, files - including CSV, address books and more)
  • Do follow-up mailings with precision, resume from failures with complete peace of mind and have access to all send related details in highly defined reports and logs
  • Send both rich text and plain text versions of your messages so you can be confident that recipients will receive the email in the most appropriate format

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