Electronic Productivity Solutions (EPS)


EPS has worked with some of the largest conferences ever to be held in Australia.

We do not confine our expertise just to website planning and construction. We have an extensive understanding of the logistical and budgetary requirements of both Conference Committees and Conference Organisers. We are experts in the conference organising process and have developed numerous online and computer based applications which assist conferences of all sizes to operate more efficiently, such as:

  • Delegate registration systems
  • Abstract / paper submission systems and management consoles
  • Searchable databases of accepted and rejected abstracts and papers
  • Customisable timetables for conference delegates
  • Scheduling programs to align speakers, rooms and chairpersons
  • Automated formatting of conference booklets and schedules for print

Some of our clients have included:

  • XIX International Congress of Genetics 2003
  • Inaugural World Autism Congress 2002
  • International Sociological Association XV World Congress of Sociology
  • 6th World Congress of Chemical Engineering
  • The Australian Sociological Association Annual Conference
  • Royal Australian College of Physicians Annual Conference
  • 11th Annual International Conference on Second Messengers & Phosphoproteins

EPS also possesses a first-hand working knowledge of conference software such as Amlink's Events PRO, and Summit Event Manager by MIE Software to assist you in better online management of your conference.