Electronic Productivity Solutions (EPS)

Document Management Systems

EPS has developed various document management systems to assist organisations with the on-line collection, distribution, management and assessment of documents.

By partnering with Abstracts Manager we have designed a particular product that can be used (amongst other purposes) for:

  • Conference organisation
  • Tender evaluations
  • Grant submission & management
  • Online assessing
  • Educational organisation

The application is particularly well suited to academic and scientific conferences and is used by:

  • Conference organisers
  • Associations & academics
  • Medical and scientific groups
  • Research organisations
  • Journals


The document management system is a web based, centralised application to manage the submission, distribution, review and management of documents. Clients using the document management system operate more efficiently by automating many labour intensive process and by enabling instantaneous on-line access to documents from anywhere in the world.

People submitting documents can update them, reviewers can add comments, and the interface is fully branded as per client's requirements.

Further information

Visit the document management website (www.abstractsmanager.com) or contact EPS to discuss how document management systems can be used to improve your business.