Electronic Productivity Solutions (EPS)

Strategic Planning

EPS places great importance on "strategy before technology" to ensure your eBusiness achieves outstanding results. EPS sees the distinct need for strategic planning before building a Website or Internet application for any organisation. The planning process will allow an opportunity for analysis of the current business, and the design of an appropriate Internet business and marketing strategy in order to accurately represent and grow the business online.

EPS' expert consultants will conduct strategic, methodical and attentive planning for your eBusiness. The objective of the Strategic Planning Process is to produce an appropriate business and design model, upon which the foundations of the Internet strategy will be based. After the session, EPS will submit a report that will specify practical strategies and tactics through which the business is likely to achieve its objectives.

Where appropriate, the EPS Strategic Planning Process will cover the following key areas:

Marketing Positioning & Planning

  • Ensure that all marketing objectives are set and subsequently reached.
  • Identify cost-cutting opportunities to streamline traditional and existing business processes.
  • Ensure costly mistakes - often experienced as a result of insufficient planning - are avoided when designing and building an eBusiness.
  • Provide you with professional advice regarding cutting-edge technologies, to ensure project leaders can make the most informed decisions for your eBusiness.
  • Conduct useability testing and customer analysis to determine the most appropriate web requirements
  • Ensure client’s expectations are not only met, but also exceeded.
  • Our consultants will apply their specialised understanding and knowledge of the Internet to advise our clients of technologies and features that only become apparent upon further analysis with professionals.

Design & Branding

  • Produce a cost-effective strategy that utilises multiple technologies for a variety of purposes. For example, web based graphics can be used in traditional print media; and computer animation and electronic music borders on multi-media or TV commercial quality.
  • Ensure accurate colour coding that reflects your offline business is used to strengthen traditional branding.
  • Provide you with the opportunity to meet with EPS senior designers who will construct the Website, so that designs can be presented at the completion of the strategic planning.
  • Ensure design and branding appeals to the target audience and end-user.


  • Ensure the Website accurately reflects your organisational structure and is built for future scalability and organisational changes and grown


  • Ensure that navigating through the Website is logical and meets the needs of all customer segments


  • Identify content management requirements, to further extend the ability to manage the Website.
  • Ensure that business functionality is properly planned and executed
  • Discuss and explore the DUA – Desired User Action – of the Website. Desired User Action (DUA) is an EPS-created term to describe specific actions that the Website text (or other features, like buttons) prompts the visitor to take. This is an essential element that facilitates the interactive relationship between the Web and its users. Most importantly, DUA prompts visitors to initiate contact with the business, increasing the likelihood that a transaction will occur.


  • Planning and analysis of content requirements and appointment of copywriters as appropriate.


  • Discuss and determine the most appropriate hosting requirements

Outputs of strategic planning

Supply the client with an Internet strategy report containing:

  • A plan of the Website, including the website’s design, structure, navigation, functionality and an outline of the content to be placed on each page.
  • Template designs of the Website
  • Timeline outlining the development of the site, key stakeholders and staff responsibilities
  • Costings for the remainder of the Website development