Electronic Productivity Solutions (EPS)

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is the process of 'enhancing' a website to increase search engine visibility. By increasing the visibility, and the 'importance' of a website according to relevant keywords, the site will gain a higher ranking on the listed results of a search engine. By gaining a higher ranking you are more likely to be found by your prospective customers and clients.

  • The ultimate aim of having your site optimised is to increase traffic. Having your site optimised is like opening a shop front in a prime location on a busy city street, greatly increasing your visibility, your profile and therefore the volume of potential customers 'walking in the door'.
  • Every website that EPS builds is optimised for high search engine listings. We pay close attention to coding your website in such a way that search engines will be most likely to reference and list your website. For sites to be successful they need to capture the new Internet breed of customer who rely on search engine results to find their suppliers.
  • EPS takes all necessary steps in building optimised websites to allow our industry specialists to further advise on ever-changing search engine rules and how your website can better adhere to them over time.
  • There are countless companies offering search engine optimisation services. For $100 you can have your website supposedly 'listed' with all search engines. But, if so many thousands of companies are all offering the millions of businesses in the world high search engine listings, then isn't it obvious that they aren't all going to get the sites to #1 position? It is physically impossible for all businesses to be at #1. But, if your website is built by professionals and conforming strictly to the algorithms that search engines look for, you can be assured of a higher listing.
  • In addition to constructing websites that are optimised for SEO, EPS also offer ongoing SEO services to further increase your website listings in search engines. As part of our SEO program, EPS will monitor and enhance your website over a specified time frame at an effort to increase your sites standing amongst the top search engines.
  • There is range of specific features that EPS will analyse and enhance during the SEO program. The items include
    • Keyword links
    • Heading/title tags
    • Navigation
    • ALT tags
    • Images and text content
    • META information
    • Links
    • File Naming conventions
  • At EPS we have worked with numerous clients and have had excellent in SEO. Whilst EPS cannot guarantee a number one listing, we have the experience and relevant case studies to prove we are well versed in SEO and have obtained notable results. EPS are SEO specialised and understand what is required to increase a websites ranking amongst internet search engines.
  • In addition to building SEO friendly websites, EPS also analyse and assess whether your current website is SEO friendly.
  • Our SEO Assessment report provides a step-by-step action plan for a website to achieve top results on search engines. Once implemented, many websites will experience quick and long lasting results for search engine positions relative to their business.
  • As part of our ongoing SEO service we will also provide to you additional information so that you can link your website up with suppliers and trading partners to greatly increase your chances of excellent search engine listings.

For more information about Search Engine Optimisation and what we can offer, contact us via the website or by phone.