Electronic Productivity Solutions (EPS)

1-2-3 Steps to Launching an Internet Presence

The purpose of this page is to explain quite clearly the requirements to setting up a professional Web presence. EPS believes it is important for any individual or organisation to understand these 3 key components, in order to correctly establish the building blocks of your eBusiness.

There are 3 broad stages:

1. Register a domain name

A domain name or Website address is effectively your "Internet storefront", or name by which people remember your business. Popular Website addresses for commercial enterprises are expressed as either www.yourname.com (International/US domain) or www.yourname.com.au (Australian domain).

Those who own a domain name can use it for two purposes:

To register a domain name, please contact the EPS office on 03 9813 5333 or email sales@eps.com.au.

2. Arrange hosting

Once you have registered a domain name, it is not able to be used for any purpose until hosting is arranged. A host, or server, is a computer which is connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The host will provide a place to store your Website content, and also enables you to send and receive email. But remember, you will still need an Internet Service Provider (ISP) so that you can get access to the Internet, i.e. surf the Internet and check your email.

Arranging hosting is very similar to connecting your mobile phone. There are a range of packages, prices, service providers and features for you to consider. Some service providers split up the hosting of "content for a Website" and the ability to "use your domain for email".

EPS simplifies the selection process by providing three types of accounts to choose from. They contain features that can be upgraded or downgraded according to your needs - now and in the future. Rather than basing the hosting fee on the number of visitors your Website attracts, EPS' hosting service guarantees you one low, fixed fee for the entire year, regardless of the number of visits your site receives. No matter what Website, email or hosting arrangement you may currently have, our hosting service can be tailored to meet your needs.

3. Build a website

With your domain name and hosting arranged, you have met the two expenses that cannot be avoided when establishing an Internet presence. From this point onward, you can start building your Website. If you have neither the time and technical skill nor the experience in graphic design to construct your own Web pages, EPS can help. EPS specialises in providing tailored Internet services to meet the needs of organisations across all industries.