Electronic Productivity Solutions (EPS)

Our Mutual Agreement

Whenever we begin a new project we ask you our client to agree that the objective of the work we are about to do is to increase the value of your organisation, particularly in terms of eBusiness enabling, communication effectiveness and user satisfaction. To authorise EPS to begin work we request that the following items are agreed to.

Our Commitment To You:

  • EPS will act honestly and with integrity in everything we do for you and your company.
  • EPS will respect absolutely the confidentiality of our working relationship.
  • EPS will return your phone calls within 8 business hours even when we are out of the office. When your primary contact is on holidays we will advise you in advance and arrange for an alternative person in our firm to look after your inquiries.
  • EPS will meet the deadlines we set with you or we will advise you in advance of our inability to do so for reasons absolutely outside of our control.
  • EPS will give you a firm estimate of the fee for each phase of the assignment and will discuss with you any variation that may be necessary.

Your Commitment To Us:

  • You will be open and frank with us at all times and you will advise us of any concerns you have with any aspect of the work we do for your company.
  • You will provide EPS with all the information we require and access to your team within the time frames we agree.
  • You will make time available to attend to any aspect of the assignment that you agree to work on, and you will meet the associated deadlines subject to problems arising that are beyond your control.
  • You will listen to any advice we offer but we acknowledge your absolute right to reject it.
  • You will attend to all EPS accounts on the terms we agree upon, which will generally be within 14 days of the completion of each occasion of service or phase of the assignment.
  • You will give consideration to referring EPS to at least two other business associates whom you believe would benefit from the work EPS does.
  • You will deliver source materials and content in the format requested by EPS in our "Delivery of Source Materials" document.