Electronic Productivity Solutions (EPS)

EPS Hosting Environment

EPS co-locates our servers with a trusted 3rd party international company with whom EPS has negotiated discounted rates, and improved, more reliable service levels for our clients. EPS becomes your dedicated point of contact for any of your email or website hosting issues.

Our servers are strategically located at the Intersection of the major Internet backbones in San Jose, California; with mirror servers in Australia, the UK and around the world to ensure optimum speed and accessibility. The network has multiple fibre optic OC-3 connections, and is directly peered with major networks. We have maximum reliability with battery backup and emergency generator power, a climate-controlled environment, with 24 hour, 365 day monitoring of network connections.

It is extremely unlikely that the email accounts or hosting service that we provide will fail. EPS’ server utilises back-up systems and connections to ensure that your email and website is always available. In the unlikely event that our systems go down, we will advise you so that you can be prepared.

Whether you need a small brochure-style website or a large and fully e-Commerce enabled website, EPS’ Business Hosting Accounts provide you with a comprehensive, fast and reliable service. These hosting accounts include all back-end technical configurations to ensure your website and/or email is fully operational. Our consultants are always just a phone call away if you have any questions or difficulties relating to your website and email, and are there to help you integrate the Internet and email with your business. We remove any technical difficulties and help you make the most of your eBusiness.