Case Studies

Tony Wells

Our partnership with Vision Developments increased the equity in our property and investment portfolio and at the same time saved thousands of dollars in development and transaction costs.

Les & Lyn Vizard

We just had the normal work superannuation policies, which going on today's standards is not going to meet the demand later on in life.

First Home Buyers

The following comments were made by attendees of the First Home Buyer information night during February and March, 2005.

  • Informal and low-key setting. Low pressure, very easy to understand.
  • Well done! Considerably more inviting and informative than "Time Share" info evenings.
  • Presentation was excellent; information was very easily understood and clear. You opened our eyes and you will hear from us.
  • Value information re: investment property.
  • Investment vs. owner occupier information. All information transmitted in a friendly and easy to understand format.
  • No hard sell.
  • Excellent presentation.
  • Very informative and well done on your presentation.
  • It had heaps of information and it was awesome how you gave out prizes.
  • The information that you gave was great and easy to understand.
  • Warm, welcome and some helpful information.
  • Information concise and simple enough for me to understand.
  • Lots of new information, especially about the Vision Company and GREAT food.
  • We liked the informal atmosphere; the clear concise explanation of the process of buying a property and fees associated with purchase of property.
  • Everything was very well presented.
  • Professional and informative.
  • Clear presenter, helpful staff, good structure.
  • Presenter took time to answer all easy questions.
  • It was both entertaining and informative, it moved along nicely.
  • It was very informative, yet causal at the same time.
  • Allowed time for questions and offered simple explanations for unfamiliar concepts.
  • Easy to understand, very informative.
  • The frank and friendly atmosphere and method of presentation is commendable.
  • Informative and thorough.
  • It was very informative. It was explained in plain English.
  • another option for acquiring a first and then future properties.
  • Good presentation including the Powerpoint slide content.
  • Very informative, friendly, and entertaining.