StKilda FC Partnership

Newest Member of the Saints

Over the past few years, St Kilda has established itself as an exciting and innovative club with a promising and rewarding future. As part of a desire to assist in the Saintsí ongoing success, Vision Developments has created a membership rewards program for the club. The program is designed to re-introduce past members to the new exciting Saints experience while rewarding existing Saints members with additional benefits.

The partnership will involve many promotional activities as the season unfolds. These will include AFL corporate box entertainment, information nights and promotional giveaways. As valued associates of Vision we will keep you informed of these unique opportunities as they arise.

The rewards from this new partnership will again enable Vision to continue to improve the value and quality of our investment products and provide for a more tailored personal service for our clients. Itís another way of enabling us to improve your experience as a client of Vision Developments.